AAML makes $5,000 grant to Bellingham NGO


If you, or someone you love, is faced with pending or potential litigation over marital and/or family issues, then you know the importance of having competent, experienced legal representation. How to choose the right attorney for you and your case can be one of the most frustrating and overwhelming steps in this often long and difficult process.

Almost every sub-specialty in the law has a devoted community of local and national attorneys who focus their efforts and attention on the betterment of their field. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers was instituted for this purpose in 1962. There are 30 chapters and 1,600 members nationwide, including Washington State (26 current members).

The standards for membership in the Washington State Chapter of the AAML are high. Members must pass a comprehensive national exam and a state oral exam on complex statewide issues related to family law. They must complete a rigorous application process, which includes a thorough review by members of the applicant’s local bench and bar. The Washington state chapter maintains regular continuing legal education through local and national seminars, publications, phone-conference meetings and frequent networking of cases.

Whether you’re looking for an attorney in Washington, or another state, the AAML can be a key resource in helping you to locate an attorney who is in the top of her or his field of family law.